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How Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom Movie Influenced Idris Elba?


The character of Nelson Mandela was depicted by many during various periods ranging from 1980 to 2013.One such film that was applauded for its script and acting skills of the lead actor Idris Elba is the Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom movie. Idris Elba played the role of the South African president Nelson Mandela to perfection.

The actor was nominated for the Golden Globe Award for his role. However, more than this what mattered for Elba is the appreciation from Mandela himself. The political activist saw the film and gave blessed the lead star. The actor affirmed that though he does not look any closer to the South African President they were alike in the spirit, and this mattered for the success of the film said the matinee idol.

Idris Elba who was not known much before the film became a star overnight. In an interview, the actor accepted that it put him on the map. Idris Elba is a British-born actor who perfected the role of Mandela in the biopic. The casting was approved by Mandela despite the least resemblance. The actor did not meet Mandela in person but took efforts to mingle with the South African locals and prepared intensely to get the character right on screen. Idris Elba said that while playing the role of the icon he realized the meaning of the work patience.

The early life of Nelson Mandela as depicted in the film was in poor light. In fact, the leader himself has admitted that he had both strengths and weaknesses. Many a times the actor confirmed that the film was a massive success and boosted his career. He also added that it had brought a change in him. The influence of the character was so deep that it made him do more for the development of the youth.