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What Kinds of Products Do Makeup Artists Use on Actors?

Makeup for actors is totally different with regular makeup. They have to be darker and fuller. This is also due to the lighting effects used in filming a movie or a TV show. If they don’t wear the right kind of makeup, they would look really pale on TV.

The first thing to consider is the skin tone of the actor. The makeup must be suitable to the skin tone so that it pops on TV. The foundation must be right or else it won’t look great. Actors are also asked to wear sunscreen before putting anything else. This is due to the heat coming from the lights on the set. Without sunscreen, it could cause sunburn or skin irritation.

It is also advisable to use a cream for dry skin. It is possible that the skin dries out after long exposure to the lights on set. The best Korean BB cream for dry skin is very popular due to its effectiveness.


Aside from regular makeup, actors also have to wear prosthetics or thicker makeup depending on the character they are playing. Some of them could be really heavy. Some actors also have to use skin protection first before applying prosthetics to avoid getting rashes or allergies.

This only means that the makeup team of the film plays a great role in the success of the film. This is even why they are acknowledged by various award-giving bodies. Without their skills, it would be impossible for the film to be created. This is true especially for films of fantasy or action genre.

Skin Tanner

Racial bending has also become more common in Hollywood these days. In fact, it has become a hot button issue since a lot of Asian or Latino actors are deprived of the roles they were supposed to have as these roles were given to white actors. In order for them to look the part, they use skin tanners to change their complexion. It is really frustrating, but this has been an age-old technique used especially for actors who don’t have the right skin colour for the part.

Makeup remover

Actors have to wear heavy makeup for several hours depending on the number of hours required to finish the scene. This is why they always have makeup remover with them. Otherwise, they would wait until they reach home before removing the makeup. Again, some actors have very sensitive skin and they would be easily irritated if they wear makeup for far too long.

There is a lot that goes behind the making of the film. Makeup is a big part of the whole endeavour. Makeup artists are usually underrated. Without their help, the entire film won’t be possible. We should also admire artists who have endured heavy prosthetics and itchy makeup without affecting their acting. They have proven just how professional they are. Other actors would rather use computer effects, but there are those who want to make everything look as realistic as possible.

How Movie Production Has Changed with New Technology

How Movie Production Has Changed with New TechnologyMovies have always captivated our interests. It is the projection of man’s creativity and imagination. From epic war battles to unbelievable adventures, movies have always had their way of telling stories. But as soon as the credit starts to roll, the audience snaps back to reality, realizing that it was a grand production put together by a long list of actors, artists, musicians, writers, cinematographers and producers under the orchestration of one director. Billions of dollars are spent for every blockbuster Hollywood release. Average box offices sales for the whole of Hollywood alone falls to an average of US$11 billion with ticket sales reaching to more than US$1 billion in the US alone.

But the magic of Hollywood is not just in the money spent but also in the technology invested and used for film. Some of the most memorable movies from ET to The Titanic and beyond have employed groundbreaking technology to bring to life scenes that seem impossible to recreate. In a way, technology and filmmaking are closely knit together. Film and video cameras for example, have changed drastically over the years. From grainy film shots of the 1920s, movies are now being shot in Ultra­High Definition and even in 3D. So each time technology introduces something new, the movie industry upgrades as well. Here are some of the latest ones used in recent movie history.

1. Use of Depth Sensors.

With the integration of computer­generated imagery (CGI) and 3D motion capture, movies could be created in formats where a sense of realism is depicted in a 3 dimensional space. Typically, movies are viewed in a 2 dimensional format with no sense of depth. But with the introduction of 3D technology, movies have embraced the idea and have bravely included 3D formats alongside 2D releases. Depth sensors enhance the creation of 3D with the help of Microsoft Kinect. These sensors help create “wire frames” that include the depth of a character or object in order to generate CGI that blends more realistically with the background.

2. 3D Printing.

In the props department, use of technology can be found in 3D printing. Traditionally, movie props are handmade by expert craftsmen in a period of weeks or even months. But with 3D Printing, AutoCAD (or computer­aided design) along with CGI can be used \to design and print the props straight from the computer. Movies like Zero Dark Thirty, Guardians of the Galax y and Fast and the Furious 6 have employed 3D printing in their props.

3. Drones.

Another recent tech addition to the movie world are drones. These devices used to be a part of military technology, which aided the US Forces during the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. But after entering the consumer market by 2010, Hollywood picked up the potential of this technology and applied it to aerial shots and shooting action scenes. Movies like Skyfall, Spectre, Jurassic World, and Captain America: Civil War used drone shots to aid in the cinematographer in getting the proper shots for the scenes. If you read drone reviews, you’ll know that the DJ Phantom line is a cult favorite among videographers and photographers. However,these types of drones can only shoot particular types of scenes as they can only carry small cameras.

These are just some examples of how technology has aided the advancement of filmmaking. A lot of other movies have employed unique and groundbreaking tech like The Matrix, Lord of the Rings, and Edge of Tomorrow. But overall, there is no doubt that the partnership between Hollywood and Silicon Valley is built to last.