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How Nelson Mandela’s Dream Lives On

nelson-mandelaSome people say that Nelson Mandela single-handedly changed the course of history.  Others refuse to think of him as anything less than a saint – a revolutionary man who led a group of desperately oppressed people through numerous bouts of civil turmoil. Either way you look at it, Nelson Mandela is an impressive human being whose dream still lives on in the minds and hearts of those who agree with his enlightened views.

Who Was Nelson Mandela?

For starters, the man was a philanthropist and a genius.  After all, his political positions on controversial civil rights issues lead him to become a beacon of hope for an entire nation of people.  Although he was threatened by numerous sources and ultimately jailed for 27 years, his legendary commitment to the fundamental rights of man ultimately made him a modern day martyr.

Mandela was eventually elected as the first black president of South Africa.  Although he passed away at the age of 95, his name is synonymous with undying courage today.  In fact, Nelson Mandela is recorded as saying, “I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it.  The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.”  Indeed, it was encouraging words like those which ultimately made Mandela’s dream of racial equality an international concern.

How Mandela Made the Impossible a Reality

In a time when establishing racial equality seemed like an impossible task, there was Mandela.  His inspirational words still ring true to this day, resonating in the consciousness of the entire planet.  “It always seems impossible until it’s done,” he would say.  While the nay-sayers and skeptics were constantly waiting for him to fail at his mission to free his people from the chains of apartheid, Nelson Mandela achieved what so many before him had said could never be accomplished.

How Nelson Mandela’s Dream Lives On

Nelson Mandela was such a successful world leader because he believed in the power of the educated and enlightened mind, and because he made sure to share that opinion with the world.  Despite the fact that he was imprisoned and persecuted for his views, he never gave up on his mission.  He never stopped believing that he had the power to change the world, and so he did.  It is that steadfast attitude which allowed him to not only make drastic positive changes but to also inspire future generations to do the same when the time came.  Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”  He was right on such a fundamental level, as can be seen in the modern world today.  It is obvious that his dream lives on through those words alone, especially when one considers how successful non-violent, well-organized movements have been in recent years.  Nelson Mandela may no longer be alive, but in the right hands his dreams will most likely live on for eternity.

Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom Movie Impacts Idris Elba’s Life


There were many biopics that were made on the icon Nelson Mandela during his lifetime. Prominent filmmakers were able to bring to the screen the life of the activist. The film Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom movie can be called a conservative film where the lead character was played by Idris Elba. The film is the autobiography that was well adapted by William Nicholson. British actor Idris Elba embodied the character of Mandela. The film starts with the early life of Mandela where Elba plays a young lawyer where he defends a maid. Mandela in the film gets involved in ANC struggle where he goes into hiding after disposing his identity papers. The young Mandela played by Idris Elba electrifying.

During the progress of the movie the director Chadwick shows him being disloyal to his wife and being an irresponsible father. During the 1960 massacre, he was seen as turning revolutionary by destroying factory buildings. In the film, you can also see the actor ready to die for the sake of independent South Africa. After this Mandela is sentenced to life, and it is here, Mandela turns into a bloodless fighter for democratic South Africa. The performance of Elba is impeccable. His early films like The Wire in which he played Stringer Bell or Pacific Rim as a stentorian commanding officer are definitely worth a watch.

Elba as Mandela gets the tone of the speeches right. The stage when Mandela is released from prison, the activist turns a statesman. It is here where the civil war is stopped through peace talks. The story of Mandela was always close to the heart of the locals in South Africa and Idris Elba had a big responsibility on his shoulders that he played to perfection. The actor at every stage tried to do justice to the role by ensuring that the image of the leader is not compromised despite the script demands it at a certain point of time. The achievements of Mandela have been clearly depicted in the film. The audience can get a better understanding of the life of Mandela and his ideology from this film.

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How Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom Movie Influenced Idris Elba?


The character of Nelson Mandela was depicted by many during various periods ranging from 1980 to 2013.One such film that was applauded for its script and acting skills of the lead actor Idris Elba is the Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom movie. Idris Elba played the role of the South African president Nelson Mandela to perfection.

The actor was nominated for the Golden Globe Award for his role. However, more than this what mattered for Elba is the appreciation from Mandela himself. The political activist saw the film and gave blessed the lead star. The actor affirmed that though he does not look any closer to the South African President they were alike in the spirit, and this mattered for the success of the film said the matinee idol.

Idris Elba who was not known much before the film became a star overnight. In an interview, the actor accepted that it put him on the map. Idris Elba is a British-born actor who perfected the role of Mandela in the biopic. The casting was approved by Mandela despite the least resemblance. The actor did not meet Mandela in person but took efforts to mingle with the South African locals and prepared intensely to get the character right on screen. Idris Elba said that while playing the role of the icon he realized the meaning of the work patience.

The early life of Nelson Mandela as depicted in the film was in poor light. In fact, the leader himself has admitted that he had both strengths and weaknesses. Many a times the actor confirmed that the film was a massive success and boosted his career. He also added that it had brought a change in him. The influence of the character was so deep that it made him do more for the development of the youth.